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 Introduction to Dr. Neigel

Our website focuses on a select group of procedures that Dr. Neigel has chosen to concentrate her professional efforts on given her unique qualifications and expertise as a board certified ophthalmologist specializing in oculoplastic, cosmetic, reconstructive surgery.

·         Board Certifications

·         Specialty Board:
Ophthalmology Certified: June 1987.

·         Sub-Specialty:
Fellow, American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons: October 1994.


About Dr. Neigel's Practice

This section is designed to help you get to know Dr. Neigel and what she does. Dr. Neigel wants to provide you with quality health care in a setting that offers comfort, convenience, safety, and the most advanced approach to your eye problems.

Dr. Neigel is a surgeon with training and experience in both ophthalmology -- the medical specialty devoted to the treatment of disorders of the eye -- and in the sub-specialty of ophthalmic plastic surgery.

Ophthalmic plastic surgery is also known as:

·         reconstructive surgery

·         orbital surgery

·         oculoplastic surgery

·         cosmetic orbital/facial surgery

Dr. Neigel performs cosmetic eye surgery and treats eye problems of children and adults including:

·         trauma and injury of the eye and the surrounding bone and tissues

·         crow's feet (fine wrinkles) of the eyelids

·         droopy eyebrows and forehead wrinkles

·         lacerations or cuts of the eyelids or tear ducts

·         baggy or drooping eyelids

·         eyes affected by thyroid disease

·         dry eyes

·         excessive tearing

·         eyelid and orbital tumors

·         craniofacial abnormalities

·         sun damage to eyelids and face

On A Personal Note

  • I spend significant time with my patients, and answer all their questions, so that they fully understand the available treatment alternatives and their consequences.
  • For over twenty years I have specialized in plastic surgery from the forehead to the cheeks, so I have significant experience operating on eyelids and the surrounding parts of the face. This highly focused specialization means I have extensive practical experience with these surgical procedures.
  • I differ from most other surgeons in that I am both an oculoplastic surgeon (a specialist trained in plastic surgery around the eyes) and an ophthalmologist (a specialist trained in the treatment of the eyes). This combination allows me to understand both the functional and the aesthetic aspects of cosmetic eyelid and orbital surgery


Hospital Appointments

·         Jersey City Medical Center:
May 1987 - present, Attending Physician.

·         Morristown Memorial Hospital:
January 1988 - present, Attending Physician.

·         Saint Barnabas Medical Center:
January 1989 - present, Attending Physician.

·         University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, University Hospital:
January 1987 - present, Attending Physician.


Dr. Neigel's staff will be happy to answer your insurance-related questions.

Dr. Neigel is a participating specialist with these and other HMOs:

·         Horizon Blue Cross

·         Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

·         Aetna

·         Medicare

Map & Contact Information

Office locations: Consultations may be arranged at professional offices in the following locations in New Jersey:

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  • Rutherford (Malo Clinic for Health & Wellness) Meadows Office Complex 
    201 Rte 17 North, 11th Floor, Rutherford, NJ 07070

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